The ASR Department at the CMC Faculty of Lomonosov MSU

Interaction of laser pulse with a substance. Image courtesy of Eugenia Yu. Echkina Department of the Automation for Scientific Research (ASR) was founded in 1988 on the basis of research and teaching group of the Mathematical Physics Department (former Department of Computational Mathematics). The founder and permanent head of the ASR Department is Russian Academy of Sciences Corresponding Member Dmitry P. Kostomarov. Under his guidance the department performs wide spectrum of research in the field of computer simulation of complex systems and processes.

Nowadays a considerable attention is absorbed to the study of superintense femtosecond laser pulse interaction with a matter. These processes are of a great interest for both basic research and numerous applications. The development of compact laser driven accelerators to promote hadronic therapy for oncological diseases is among the most interesting and important ones. The work on a such accelerator is impossible without a detailed full-scale computer simulation of laser pulses interaction with media. The only possible approach consists in the creation of virtual computer environment encompassing tens and hundreds billion particles. It is crucial to exploit supercomputers in order to obtain realistic results in a reasonable time.

Cytochrome C protein mass spectrum. Image courtesy of Alexander V. Pozdneev Computer simulation via particles is widely applicable when engineering next-generation mass spectrometers capable of high precision mass measurement of biological macromolecules. The problem is particularly significant for proteomics and investigation of proteins structure, that is among the most important points in the design of drugs active on a cellular level. Besides, in the framework of this project a peptide identification code have been developed at the department that is better able to assign aminoacid sequences then popular protein search engine software products. The distinctive feature of these problems is the necessity for the up-to-date parallel programming techniques.

Заседание кафедры

Уважаемые преподаватели и сотрудники кафедры !

В среду - 18.10.2017 (14:30, комн.715 ) - состоится заседание кафедры.
Повестка - прохождение конкурсного отбора.

Общее собрание коллектива факультета

Общее собрание коллектива факультета ВМК МГУ состоится в четверг, 31 августа 2017 года,
начало в 14-00, ауд. П-13

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Оформление выпускных работ

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На ф-те ВМК в соответствии с Приказом № 141 от 12.05.2014 г. действует следующий порядок формирования архива дипломных работ и ВКР.

В этом году установлены следующие сроки:

1) Тексты работ и отзывы научных руководителей в электронном (форматы pdf или docx) и бумажном видах
необходимо сдать на кафедру (ученому секретарю) в срок до 11 мая т.г. (печатные отзывы научного руководителя - в 2-х экз.).
Имя файла с текстом работы должно иметь следующий формат: <ФамилияИО>_507.pdf (или docx).
Отзывы научных руководителей сканируются с сохранением данных в форматах pdf или jpg.
Файлу присваивается название (на русском языке): <ФамилияИО>_507_отзыв.pdf (или jpg).
2) По окончании работы ГАКов сканируются отзывы рецензентов. Полученные при этом файлы в форматах pdf или jpg именуются соответственно (на русском языке) как: <ФамилияИО>_507_рецензия.pdf (или jpg).
Отсканированные отзывы рецензентов передаются на кафедру не позднее дня защиты работ для последующего представления в архив ф-та ВМК.
3) Все требуемые материалы (как в бумажном, так и электронном вариантах) передаются на кафедру через старост учебных групп централизованно !

Заседание кафедры

12 апреля (среда) состоится заседание кафедры ( в 14:30, комн.666).
1) конкурсный отбор (доц. А.П.Смирнов, снс Д.С.Филиппычев);
2) вопросы, связанные с распределением студентов 2-го курса по кафедрам факультета;
3) разное.

Поздравляем Всех с началом весеннего семестра!!!

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Alexander Pozdneev at the SIAG/LA-SIMUMAT International Summer School on Numerical Linear Algebra

International Center of Mathematical meetings (CIEM), Castro Urdiales

The "SIAG/LA-SIMUMAT International Summer School on Numerical Linear Algebra" was organized by the SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra and was held at the International Center of Mathematical meetings (CIEM) in Castro Urdiales, July 21-25, 2008. Alexander Pozdneev, PhD student of the ASR Department, has attended the Summer School.

The courses were focused on recent research topics that have reached a significant maturity and whose impact is widely recognized by the community. Prof. Michael Eirmann (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany) had a series of lectures on Krylov subspace methods for solving linear systems. Matrix methods in data mining were considered by Prof. Lars Elden (Linköping University, Sweden). His lectures were devoted to the problems of web search results ranking technique Google PageRank, utilization of SVD for classification of handwritten digits. Richard Lehouq (Sandia National Laboratories, USA) introduced the symbiotic relationship between mechanics and linear algebra. Prof. David Watkins (Washington State University, USA) lectured on numerical methods for solving eigenvalue problems for large sparse matrix arising when approximating mathematical physics problems.

The detailed information, annotations of courses, slides and links to lecturers homepages are available at the Summer School official website:

Prof. Dmitry P. Kostomarov at the Differential Equations and Topology Conference

Prof. Dmitry P. Kostomarov - RAS Corresponding Member, Head of the ASR Department at the CMC Faculty of Lomonosov MSU - during his talk at the Differential Equations and Topology Conference dedicated to the Centennial Anniversary of the birthday of Lev S. Pontryagin. Image courtesy of Alexander V. Pozdneev

The international conference "Differential Equations and Topology" devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the birthday of Lev Semenovich Pontryagin was held in Lomonosov Moscow State University, June 17-22, 2008. Head of the ASR Department RAS Corresponding Member Dmitry P. Kostomarov had a talk "Problems for Ultrahyperbolic Equations in Half-Space" [PDF 413.47 KB] on June 22nd at the subsection "Partial Differential Equations" of "Differential Equations" section.

Ultrahyperbolic equations are set aside by mathematicians since they are usually not met in applications. At the same time such equations are very interesting from mathematical point of view, because their solutions possess both hyperbolic and elliptic properties. In his talk Prof. Kostomarov considered problems in half-space z ≥ 0 as the example.

Alexander Pozdneev at the ASMS 2008 Conference

40-foot high blue bear in front of the Colorado Convention Center. Image courtesy of Alexander V. Pozdneev The 56th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry took place in Denver (CO, USA), June 1-5, 2008. The ASR Department PhD student Alexander Pozdneev presented a poster "Supercomputer Simulations of Interacting Ion Cloud Dynamics in FT-ICR Cells Using Novel Parallel Three-Dimensional Domain Decomposition Finite Element Particle-in-Cell Code" (co-authors: A. M. Popov, A. S. Misharin) at the conference.

International conference "Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics" is an annual meeting of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS). Approximately 7000 scientists attended this conference, and over 3000 research papers have been presented in 2008. The conference is the biggest and most representative mass spectrometry event. The high level of the conference is the result of strict paper peer-reviewing, furthermore, each author may present no more than once at the conference.

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